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Walt Whitman

"Re-examine all that you have been told,

dismiss that which insults your soul." 



I remember their scent,

their peach fuzz stems-

I remember summer mornings

picking them along Cane River.

A bouquet of flattened petals,

purpe, blue and gold on reclaimed,

tea-washed lined.

I remember Mother

placing them between Bible pages

as if she were hiding presents

too precious for Sears Roebuck

Save Me the Silver 


“I’m going to leave this to Charles.”

“I’m going to leave this to your sister.”

“This is for you.”


I looked at the large silver spoon; 

it was a hostess spoon

pretty––not expected, not desired.


I wanted the good silver. 

Daddy bought it in Boston

paid on it each week–– 

the perfect wedding present. 


I spent Saturdays polishing the forks, 

spoons and knives

‘til I could check my lips. 


Alone with your things 

I find the deed for your first home.

President Kennedy was murdered

the day you bought that place.


In the curio cabinet 

are your cat and dog angels.

Cute with their collars

long white robes, 

wings, and golden halos.


I look at them––

wrap each one in bubbled plastic

and wonder––when did you come to believe

that pets had souls.


I will drop them off at the thrift store, 

but the silver will stay with me.

©Georgia Ann Banks-Martin
What Adeline Sees at Sunrise
time to apply
and stroke
the cat
whose affection
is expressed
through half
close eyes
that note every
move as if they
are occurring for the
first time
water the plants
whose long fingers
hang in moon lit
arches like
lace curtains
In another hour
my black top road
will jam
with trash collectors,
fire trucks, cabs,
school buses
and mailmen

observed by a

black and white cat

whose interest never wanes










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